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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pine Lake~ 4

I app'ed over 3 of the trees 'branches', but left the top 2 to see how I like the lighter top, partly because I like that Hoffman 'hand dye' , at least I think it's Hoffman's.....
And I started an embroidered pine cone. In the top photo, you will notice a large gray area on the right....that's where I plan to put some sort of embellishment. Not sure if I will use this pine cone, but I won't know til I finish it. I am doing a satin stitch, and not sure if those are the exact colors I will use. The rust sure looks RED in this photo.


  1. I wish that pinecone pic was clickable, I'd love to see a closeup. I'm looking forward to seeing this top when you finish with it.

  2. I added a new post so you can click the pic.