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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First day of 2008

Well Gosh. Here it is 2008. Yesterday was my birthday, and now that I am 51, I have been given a new nickname.....

Not quite sure how I should take this...."Area? Are you saying I am really large?" "Area 51? Are you saying I am an ET?"

Photos for your viewing pleasure. I have actually seen the first one, even have a picture of it somewhere in the archives. The second photo is a Playmobil set up, how cool is that?

I did fabric related things yesterday. Did I take a picture for proof? No. I was trying to find the "Pine Lake" quilt top I made. After taking down the House Warming Holiday Quilt, there was a big blank wall left behind. Can't have that. So, I want to finish up Pine Lake and hang it! Wonder how long this will take....Of course, first I had to find the silly thing. I went thru everything twice and finally found it. In the mean time, I did a lot of reorganizing. The usual tidy up of misc. fabrics that have been swept into buckets to make way for new projects. I also jotted down what was in each bucket for future mind lapses.....


  1. Pine Lake. Sounds nice, can't wait to see it.

    Oh, and happy b-day. You don't look a day over Area 26. ;o)

  2. I will take a picture of Pine Lake later. I added borders to it yesterday, now for some embellishing....

    Thank you, at least Area 26 doesn't sound so large!