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Friday, December 28, 2007

Nothing Interesting

It snowed on the 25th. Dan took pictures. This is the shot of the 'main' road. This is about the extent of the snow falls around here in the Puget Sound. Wet. And here are 3 cats I found. I probably should have saved the URL....LOL
I have frozen a whole mess of cookies. I am throwing away some chocolates that were given to us....I think they were meant to be know...fake foods. Whatever, they taste nasty! The homemade fudge is slowly being devoured. And not by just me.


  1. That snow scene looks pretty from here.

  2. Yes, beautiful snow picture, no I don't want to visit until it's about July. =) I'll bet children enjoy it, though. Those cats are too cool!

  3. The cats are cute, are they ornaments? I don't ever want to go back to the snow and cold, had enough in Ohio in Michigan to last a lifetime. I'll just enjoy your's, k?

  4. Nice pictures.Looks very Christmas-y with the tall pines in the snow.