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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Have Costco!

Costco is now local! Yipee. Gig Harbor has decided to go Round-About crazy. This is like the 4th one, and my Man Dan, before Costco....
And some construction....
and #2 round about. What happened to #3? A car got in the way of my taking a picture...can you believe that?? the nerve.
#1 roundabout....or maybe this is #2.....
But...we now have Costco, and it's just as huge as all the others. My feet were killing me. I am using the power basket next time. What? Did you say 'your feet won't hurt if you lose weight'?? Like...Duh.

1 comment:

  1. Costso! I am sooo jealous.Course I want an IKEA too!

    We are also roundabout crazy here too and they aren't nearly as done as yours.One lane open on 2 of them.It was snowing last nite.They better get hustling to finish them!