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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nesting Robin

I was painting yesterday, then when I took the pictures, I liked the way the plant and fruit looked. Yes, they just happened to be sitting there.
The proof is on my hand, and on the fabric. Actually, I took the pix because I wanted to show that I made a decent gray color w/o having black paint [silly me] I used Plum, Emerald Green and Raw Sienna in whatever amounts I dabbed out. It looked pretty dark to me so I added some white, and wa-la, I had a gray. I didn't even Google for color mixing, just pulled that rabbit outta my own hat. These are the Harolds for Harold & The Purple Crayon clue in the Nesting Robin-Books. I am trying to use different things in this wallie, different mediums? Different embellishments? Not sure what the categories would be.
This is Stephanies hand, notice her thumb doesn't curl like mine, she got a tattoo, a Henna tattoo, this weekend. I took this picture the first day, the dye has since darkened. The Henna Tattoo artists were donating their time and materials to the Spanish Trip also, as was my Orange Roughy Quilt. I will update later when Steph gets home from school, if she knows the money tally from the weekend.


  1. Love your Harold ,very good. I love the idea of different mediums. I'v never tried fabric paint ,I need to try more different things

  2. I recognized Harold right away! Always one of my favorite characters. Okay, so what if I'm a Martian? =)

  3. Susan I think maybe we all are more Martian than we really know....