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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Flashback Friday on Sat.

I have been shopping lately. Online shopping. I fill baskets and carts and bags. Then I turn off the computer. I don't buy a darn thing. I did this once before, long ago, but before internet. My mom and I were both in a funk, so I suggested we take her* credit card and go shopping, just go wild. Then take it all back the next day. Window shopping just doesn't do it folks, you gotta walk out of the store with a bag.

I am in the holiday mood this year, must be because of this house and not being so depressed. So.....We are doing stockings. They don't require looking for a gift no one wants. Ashley wants to do lights outside, I told her she has to have a plan, no more higglety pigglety.

[*I didn't have a cc yet]

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  1. I thought my best friend was the only one who did the online cart thing. Sometimes she leaves them for days and then deletes them. =)