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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dorothy asked 3 questions about the spider invasion.....
1. Why were they out like that? Well according to the website info, they hang around the burrows until they feel the wanderlust, then they move. Seems many can be lurking in their burrows after birthing. Guess they all matured at the same time.

2. and do the females look different from the males? Yes, according to the local flora and fauna dudes I knew, the males are smaller and "just do this".

3. How can you tell? Well, there were lots of them, all at once, and they all looked the same, dark and no markings. They were all headed in the same direction too, but considering they were on the street in front of my house, it makes me wonder where they were burrowed in the first place. I am sooooo glad I didn't think of it then or my panic attacks would have been off the charts!

Bears, scorpions, and spiders, oh my!

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