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Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is also blog action day. Its an environment thing. And what you can do for your planet.

1. I need to find a good size water bottle for Steph. Ashley re-uses the propel bottles, but they are too big for Stephanies backpack, according to the RocketScientist herself.

2. I have the canvas to make totes for groceries.

3. I need someone to invent this one for me.....Re-use water. Why not use the 'gray' water from a shower and washing machine for toilet flushing? A filter would be needed to catch the hair and whatnot, and be easy to clean off like the dryer lint catcher. I personally don't drink out of the toilet, so I am not to concerned about germs.

Things I already do: recycle. use the curly light bulbs. am re-using the cement blocks. and many other things!

And update on my MIL, she is fine, they can't find what happened to her.


  1. CNN had a story about what people are doing to conserve water in Atlanta. One lady put cat litter trays in her shower to catch the water and then put it on her plants. Some might think the soap would hurt them but I don't think so. When we lived in Roseville CA I had to drain my clothes washing and rinse water into the back yard.There was just no where else to put it. We were renting the house and I was worried about the soap and bleach killing the grass. No problem, the grass was more lush and green there than anywhere else in the

  2. We are used to stashing water in bad weather for flushing the toilet, cuz when there ain't no power there ain't no water! But I think about those long showers my dd's take and wish I could stash it for future use, like toilet flushing. I figure we could flush all day long on one shower! LOL

    We are taking out the little bit of grass in the front yard, and never even watered it this summer, just the 2 trees. The back yard is for the dogs...that grass is lush too!