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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Green.....Monday Musing on Saturday

Dorothy has been mulling over which color to paint her front door, Green or Red. Red is Feng Shui. So would Green be Grennn Shui? Meaning you do 'green' things to help our planet? As people passed your house, would they see the green door and nod to each other knowingly? [picture the 'gellin' dudes here] If that is the case, I would have to paint my door about 1/2 green. I still use bleach and zip lock-type plastic bags. BUT......I do save what plastic bags I can for reuse. In fact I don't even bother washing the bags, thus wasting water, I just shove the ones used for frozen goods back into the freezer. You know...the ones you use for keeping the peas contained after you open the bag they come in?? Then when we need another one, I just dig around in the freezer for a spare.

The cheese grater goes into a plastic bag with the cheese too, and gets reused.... allot. Ashley uses re-washable food containers for her lunch bag.

I have recycled tin cans, newspapers, glass, etc, since my tween years back in Berkeley California. That's like 38 years ago folks! Was not as convenient then as it is now. I also have my girls almost talked into using canvas bags for grocery bags. [they do the shopping, its less expensive for us if I don't go] The canvas bags will have to be unmarked in any way. Now I just have to make them, since I already have the canvas.

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