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Friday, September 28, 2007

Flashback Friday...on Friday no less!

This is Mt. Shasta in N. California. This is how I always imagine it when I think of it. Well when Ben and Kacie drove past it at varoomMPH, they took a picture that gives me/you a whole different view......I know this was taken in early Sept., but still, where's the snow?

My most memorable view of it is from back in 1987. We were driving south, the moon was up, it was full, and it was shining on that snowy [at the time] mountain! The mountain just glowed! I have some awesome pictures of it in an album.....

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  1. I love Mt. Shasta. I usually see it in mid-summer, on years I go to Sisters. Love the town, and the lake, too. Both great pictures!