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Friday, September 07, 2007

Drawing with EQ6

I was drawing today, and here's what I did. These are applique patterns for my Nesting Robin. The overall theme is Children's Books, so I have a child climbing over the sofa to read with grandma. This will be the center part of the wallie, with the book clues around it. and for the first clue, the book, The Kissing Hand I traced a raccoon face, via Google Images of course! This will go over an applique of my hand, palm up. [i forgot to add the line above the black nose to separate it from the white furry area above it. And the line to separate pants from shirt on the child, but those will be easy at stitching time.]

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  1. I love children's lit! I have boxes and boxes I couldn't bear to part with, and now I'm thinking how dumb it is to spend the storage fees on all those books. I'm dying to know what other books you are doing. The Kissing Hand was popular with my first grade class (which became the second grade class and was my third grade class my last year).