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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Comments & Flashback Fri.'s thrown in

Susan.....don't get rid of those books! Or at least pass them on to a school, daycare, homeless shelter. I must admit, that would be one goodie box I would love to look thru! I love looking at children's books....course I am a visual kinda person *smile*

Susan.... the fair I remember the most is Sacramento, California. [Flashback Friday Here] The 1980's. The cow milking machine. I was so intrigued by that. My mom worked at CCAC and that year they were chosen for a display at the State Fair. So mom was in charge of that, since she was Public Info, and she took Dad with her to help [both were grads of CCAC] and darn if she didn't get stuck with me there too. I remember her being stressed about the exhibit and I am sure the heat didn't help. [Sacramento Valley gets hot hot hot.]

Susan....I remember where I was for Kennedy's assassination too. My Dad and brother were both awake in the middle of the night [probably 10 pm, but for a kid....] watching TV. For the first Space Shuttle Disaster, I was in Sierra City, we were having remodel work done to the little cabin, and the carpenter dude came running inside yelling, "turn on the tv". He had heard it on the radio that accompanied them everywhere. For the Big One that wasn't really a Big One according to the 'experts', I decided to turn on the World Series, since it was both Bay Area teams. Mom happened to be with me in Sierra City, and we both were very confused as to why everyone was milling around on the ball field.....Mom was living in Emeryville at the time, and she went home to a kitchen floor covered with condiments that fell out of the cupboards, and dresser drawers flung open. Dan was stationed at Moffett Field and I couldn't get thru to him for 3 days! If we had been at Moms, he would have just about missed being on this.

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