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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I got the chance to admire my SIL's grandson yesterday. He is 10 months old, has roly polyies in all the right places, and huge blue eyes! You notice my cat, Precious, was not to be left out.
My Ben didn't mind holding him either. Wonder if Cam will has the early male baldness gene that Ben got? It's like my dad patted Ben on the head one of those first days, and a~presto chango, you will go baldo~ was exchanged between the 2 of them, because my dad was an early balder. My brother has been slower about it and has girls, no boys, thats I way wonder if Cam will get it.....

Cam's mom was here too, but not in any pictures my camera took, they will be on her camera as she took the timed group shots.

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  1. Even still, when Daniel climbs up onto my lap, our fat cat Beanie gets very jealous and has to get up on my too. He weighs 20 lbs! Daniel used to refer to the cat as my hairy baby, and himself as my "skin"ny baby.

    That's one cute baby you got there, and Cam ain't too shabby either. ;o)