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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eames Chairs

Another blogger/quilter mentioned Eames as an inspriation for quilting, which led me to google to find a picture of the Eames Chairs I have! My parents bought these long ago...they were a coveted non-essential-purchase made by mostly mom. She wanted them bad bad bad. She got 4 red and 4 gray chairs. She has since sold[?] the red chairs, but I got to have the gray ones!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So you have four gray Eames chairs? Hold on to them, I think they are valuable.

  2. I am thinking they are too! These were purchased in the early 1950's??

    I wonder if I could finance Stephs college education with them???

  3. LOL! How much fabric could you buy with those? They are so cool! You should come join the Modern Quilters web ring!