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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Misc. Stuff

Steph had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. All 4. She barfed all night. Gave her common pain pills this morning instead of the fancy stuff, see if that makes a diff.

Supposed to HOT all week here. Temps in the 80's. I know...I know....nothing like Arizona and other places, but remember, this is the Puget Sound In Washington state, it don't get that hot here.

The "Fishy" top is done, sandwiched and being quilted by the middle of the night when its cooler.
This fish is appliqued on the border, along with other fish from the print.
Stephs window. We made the curtain to follow the paint work on the walls. The fabric is a muslin canvas that we also dyed blue and black. The super flashy stuff is reflective tape I sewed on to follow the lines on the walls. Ashley noticed the under water effect of the sun-thru-branches-thru-curtain look.


  1. The fishy quilt is fabulous! I have a son who would adore it!

  2. Ha....It looks like Train Boy is really a Fishy Boy???

  3. Poor thing.... I had all of mine removed at the same time when I was 23. I didn't get sick, but laid on the couch for nearly a week! Surprising how much a minor surgery can knock you out.

    Just LOVE the colors in your Fishy top!

  4. Oh, poor child! I remember when Regan had all his out on the same day and was hallucinating with the drugs they gave him. This is just miserable, but the good part is, when it's over, it's over forever!

    Love the SNW, and the fish in the border look so great. The colors are very cheerful.

    Your daughter's window is surreal! That's just so unusual.

  5. Susan, Stephs whole room is unusual, but livable in. I would hate to change it, tho the black I guess could be lightened.