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Monday, April 30, 2007


Even a grasshopper must learn the ways with fabric in her wee years.

We are washing the fish fabric I blogged a few days ago. I went to the post office on Sat. because I just KNEW it was there in my boxxie. As I pulled out a weeks worth of junk mail, I could tell there was something fat stuffed into the other end of the Senses started preparing for the moment of Fabric fondling/inhaling/stroking/holding....gee that spells F.I.S.H. ....

It was a stinking phone book .
I was NOT going to F.I.S.H. a s t i n k i n g phone book.
My favorite postal work person heard about it today, thats for sure!
I could hear her laughing all the way out the door...


  1. F.I.S.H ... I love it! Can I borrow the term? I've never heard it before, but I've certainly been doing a lot of it lately! Goodness....

  2. of course, help yourself. It was a happy chocolate and peanut butter!

  3. Thank you! This is an important contribution to the quilting world. Every quilter should know that there is finally a name for this condition!

    (blushing, giggling and fishing!)

  4. I first saw "F.I.S.H." on Flippytale quilter. Fabulous. I shared it with my best quilt buddy who assured me that we BOTH suffer badly from this condition. In order to alleviate the symptoms she is headed this way this afternoon and we will play in my stash. She can have whatever she wants (unless I have put a special dibs on it) and then we will swap and I will "shop" in her stash. One way to move it around, right? Thanks for F.I.S.H.