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Monday, April 30, 2007

And now for the job description....

Holey Cowly....nothing boring about this job!

Instructional Design is the job description. As I understand it (remember this is my version of reality and is covered by the small print on the other side of this page), her job is to takes pre-existing course material and adapts it for effective online presentation. This isn’t just scanning instructor’s notes onto PDF utility, it often involves restructuring the whole thing.

One task she’s been given is to collect information on Project Management, structure it into a course and then adapt it to a particular software program called “Moodle” which is similar to Web CT. First step is to read all she can on the subject—luckily there’s an organization already in place that’s organized the material for her. That said, the course is to be used to train people on the Saddle Lake Reserve so it has to be appropriate for a Native audience. These are people with a different culture and life experience from the designers of the original PM course. To help with this Leslie’s going up to the reserve sometime soon to speak with the band council and take their input on what they expect from the course.

In a way, this part of her job is what makes it such an interesting opportunity. Portage serves the M├ętis and Cree nations in this corner of Alberta. These people aren’t the typical North American student base most colleges serve. They have a different culture and different needs along with a recognition that education is a way to hang onto that culture and break out of the trap of being sidelined by the mainstream economy.


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