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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moving the Sewing Room area.....

Steph has convinced me that putting my sewing area in the bedroom is a good idea, I hope. So I am moving it all....AGAIN. But since I am hoping to have a sun-room-deck someday, that may be where the sewing will end up, so I am not exactely losing the window. [yes I will keep the fabric behind dark doors, or whatever. the whole roof of the room won't be glass anyway.]

Other Projects~~

I have been making a few wooden things shiny. I LOVE this polycrylic by Minwax. [got the tip from the posting list] LOW odor, water clean up, makes things shiny....what more do you need? So what am I shining up? you say. The coat hook things were made by my FIL who planned to make a standing coat rack. I plan to use them for curtain rod holders, and coast hooks too if there are enough. The poles that you only see a bit of, are 8 feet long, according to Dan, and they will be the curtain poles...after being cut to size for the windows they will be curtaining. And notched to fit the hooks. The Borden's Cream Cheese boxes were used by my Dad for nails and such in his wood shop area. I am not sure how old they are, but past 50 for sure.


  1. I love stories about moving to new homes. I've been following your progress.
    There are many frustrations and joys in changing places.

  2. This one has been nothing but matter if things go wrong, I am so happy here!!!! I DID NOT like the other place from the very first moment I laid eyes on it. I was grateful for a roof, etc etc, don't get me wrong on that point.