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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Progress on the House

Well all 3 bedrooms are painted. The hall, kitchen, dining, and living rooms are done also. Just the master bathroom to go. Forgot to take the camera today to show off Ashleys RED and Stephanies BLACK and BLUE. My bath will be Shy Blossom green. I have to wait for the appliance delivery tommrow, so I will try to take the camera.

Ben had the use of a truck this weekend, so Dan pulled our dishwasher out and they took it over to Bens house, since I am getting a new one...*G*....and Bens dead one was taken over to the new place to have the delivery guys haul away for free! The guys also brought the fridge from the new place over here and put ours out on the deck....thats as far as they got with ours...way to heavy for 2 guys and no dolly. we have slod taken over misc things that can go in closets....Houston we have a typo....frick! F-word The "slod" in the last sentence should have been "also"...I think I like 'slod' better.


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  1. Vicky, you just crack me up! Your 12 days of christmas are a hoot... can't wait to see the B&B bedroom. Congrats on the appliances, slod. :)