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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dumpster Days

I had a dumpster deli-+vered on89*/....excuse me the cat was walking on the key board....

Anyway, the dumpster was delivered on Friday, so I have been chucking shit, throwin' crap away, down sizing, dump the dudes...... what ever throws your javlin, I been doin' it. I also sorted the recycle from the garbage...geez frickin' laaweeze....there was just as much recycle as household garbage!

Dans comment "so recycle it"
After giving him The Look, and wanting to smack that DUH stamp on his forehead, REAL HARD, I answered;
"NO-ONE ever wants to do it, Dear."

And that, folks, is why I am going for trash/recycle service when we move. I noticed one of the neighbors puts there can out right in front of my house, so my can will be joining it! [to do it here would mean hauling the sucker 100 miles up the easment road, hope the dumb can doesn't get stolen or run over, then drag it back down the road]

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