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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Whole House

I finally grabbed the camera to take a picture of the Whole House!
Can you see the green below the front door? Dan suggested I paint the area where the deck-steps will ran off on this side of the house that gets no sun at this time of year....opps!
The sun peeked thru a cloud just enough to shine on this quilt......
I got almost all the quilting done on this wallie. I have the last block 1/2 artrithic right pointer finger was hurting....bad....
Miss Megan is taking ballet......the girls in the class are all so cute! Mommys help their girls do the dance, which means moms do more dancing than the girls, who are all under age 2.


  1. Your patience and hard work paid off. and your new home looks WONDERFUL!! You'll have it looking and feeling like yours in no time. Get ready for a great holiday complete with lots of extra room! Alexis

  2. Moving-In Party is at Vicky's!!
    Enjoy that sewing room, you totally deserve that!!!!