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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Water & Power

Our House is a very very fine house.....We have water....let the flushing begin! And the cleaning. Power is supposed to be all done by tonight and the heat turned on so the Tape & Texture dude, whose name is Guy, can start on Wed.

Dan and Ashley had already pulled up the carpet, so Dan moved it out to the garage so Ben can take it to use in his garage....he needs to cover the dirt until he can get a floor in his. Do we recycle or what??? Dan was also working on removing the wood strips that are involved with carpet installation and he changed the heater filter....

Anyway I haven't been in the house yet because the steps aren't built yet...will see if the step ladder will work for me....But I did go with Dan to Home Depot and get paint for the walls and we picked a flooring~yipee~ and I got to choose the outdoor light fixture for the front door!

The striped stuff is for the kitchen valance. L to, L-D-hall, MB walls and trim, and the RED is Ashley's choice for her walls! We also got the primer for her to cover the wall paper with, and hopefully the 1 gallon will be enough for the many coats she will need to do.....Stephanie wasn't there to pick her room color as she was at school.

The MB color for the walls is called Teacup and it is just barely pink. Dan made a face when I told him what our walls would be. To bad. Oh and the red is about the color of the dishes we girls picked out. [awesome sale at JCPenneys online]

I don't have the floor pieces here, but they are laminate wood look.


  1. Ooooh, exciting! Will you be moved in by Christmas?

  2. It is fun picking things out and making it yours.I like the pink, it looks like my hallway and foyer.

  3. Wise of you not to rush into moving. Renovations are so much easier when you are not having to live around them. You'll feel like a queen when you do move and all is sparkling and perfect. Alexis