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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kindness and Pictures

First the kindness.
A few weeks ago, all three girlies and I had lunch at this small corner cafe in a local small mall. [The 3rd girlie was Megan, and since she is a grandDAUGHTER, that means she is one of my girlies.]
Anyway, I had forgotten to leave a tip and have felt bad about it since. The cafe owner had gone out of her way to find toddler munchies in her bins, etc.
Just one of those people who likes people.
So today I stopped by and gave her the tip.
She was flabbergasted, surprized, thankful.
And I felt better too.
Now for the pix. This is the wallie quilt for my neice, front, back and close-ups of the beaded bugs. I had to adjust the color because my original picture looked washed out.
Yes the back looks like a shirt. That was my brothers shirt that I was asked to use in a quilt for his girlies, so I cut it up! I used some on the front too, that's where the birds came from, and I even added a section of button-front!

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