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Friday, August 04, 2006

I Sewed.

From the Simple Still Life 'workshop'- "One Item and it's Shadow"
I call this "Sundial"
The 'item' is a tin watering can sitting on astro-grass,
thus the use of lame's,
and I found the 2 batiks in a FQ basket at my LQS, perfect!
The 'binding' is crocheted wool that I felted.The small extra bit of the crocheted binding I made for this.
This is half of the quilt for Megan,
the other half is hanging over the pole.....snork
Look Amy, cats!!!
I EQ'd both blocks, the Cats and the Log Cabin-ish, both PP'd.
{i am also treating you to a glimpse of The Ugly Trailer}


  1. I can't believe that you sewed! :o)

    Awww look at those kitties. You know the blue bit in the center of the log cabin is my hands down favorite fabric! It can occasionally be found on ebay for a ridiculous amount money for a fat quarter. Yes, I am hoarding my yardage! MEOW!

  2. OMG, beautiful stitchin' Vicky!!!!

  3. Why thank you M. Crochet! I am thinking of doing that binding trick on something else too.