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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Pictures

My clothes line. I had to wash up a bucket of musty items. So old and some new, like the Raggedy Ann is from my childhood and the Cabbage Patch dolls are from my childrens.I picked up this 'painting' at the Goodwill for 7$$. When we are sick of it I plan to use the frame for artwork my gils have made over the years.
Ashley has bought herself a car!!! And with no help from mom and dad, but brother did help her pick it, now that he is a car salesman.
My girls went on a road trip last week to go to a concert in Oregon.
These last 2 pix are proof that they are MY girls!!!


  1. Sweet! lol ;o) Did you ever "find" the concert pics?

  2. Nope....The concert pix are lost in their imagination.