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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wisdom Tooth

This is Ashleys {former} Wisdom tooth. The one that was causing all the trouble. Gee I wonder why??? That's one heck of a hook it's got, and it was wrapped around bone...sheesh! Not sure about the condition of the other 3, but they went the way of this one. But dang it, the Tooth Fairy didn't get them, and when she {me} asked about them, Oscar, The Dental Dude, said "We don't give the pieces of the teeth...." he looked at me then"....yeah I guess we would." I must have had a Very Determined Look on my face. *smile*

Even though Ashley is old enough to vote, the Tooth Fairy still gave her a treat....a DVD of Saw II. ugh!

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  1. EWW after seeing that film I am grateful that mine were extracted before they started to grow in (pre-roots) - no room in my mouth!