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Friday, March 03, 2006

Bigger Than A Living Room.....

It's a Pink Quilt!

It's frikkin huge!

I love the curvy borders!

And to think it's only a Duv....

What the $%$#@# is a "Duv"?

Funny you should ask. It's the top half of a Duv-et [duvet] cover. I will be sewing it, somehow, to a comforter that is in great shape. Normally I would have made it a full Duvet and slipped the comforter inside, but not this time. I want it on the comforter for good. And then we can use it in the RV to go with the decor.

We prefer comforters to flat quilts. I have gotten them at Ikea [good, very good ones] and the ones at Sears are pretty good....well the old ones are. The cheap-o ones are crap! I was hoping they would work out, but the covers of the cheap-os are yuck-o. I have also used several layers of batt to get the thickness, but comforters are easier. Couldn't find what I wanted to show you at Sears, but did find them at Domestications.....not sure if these are the cheap-os or not. Figures.


  1. Vicky! It's beautiful. I just love it,but especially the border.
    Sharon L

  2. A lovely bright quilt top! (I am assuming that to make it permanent you will quilt it to the duvet?) I too love the curvy border.

    Domestications is EL CHEAP-O! I bought a set - it pilled bad the first time I washed it!

  3. Yeah I am thinking of hand quilting in big stitches, not sure how that will work.

    I had a feeling Domestications was on the not-pricey side...