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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Megan is Walking!

But you wouldn't know it from these pix of her sitting....But believe me she is on the move. And very sure on her feet.....which surprised me because she usually wears slippers. Being of the Old School, I thought she should be in shoes of some sort, but Ben says they have asked the doctor about that and the New School of Thought is....slippers/socks/{bare foot?} are better because the child develops the muscles in their feet better this way.

"My Fellow Amerrrr-i-cans....."

Doesn't it look like Megan is giving a speech? I wonder what she was talking about?
And here she is tolerating a kiss from Grandma. That dark thing sticking up from her head is her hair in a pony tail. Before we know it it will be long enough to flop over. But she already twists it when she is relaxing with her bottle.

She has 8 teeth now and is 11 months.

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