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Thursday, October 27, 2005

So far today I have done

Not much. Well actually, lots. But it's all involved the computer. I have added a couple of things to the sidebar...I love those button=-\

excuse me...the cat moved, the dog snarled at him, the cat jumped on the keyboard and added his opinion of the dog.

I have a great cartoon of a cat at the computer telling a companion on the floor next to him "Cool, I just sold the dog on eBay"

Where was I?

I love those buttons that link you to other places. I tried to add one for the Quilters Cache but it wouldn't work. Must ask a guru for help on that.

I did make my hubby's coffee, as usual King Friday. And sent him off to work. Tommrow he is home during the day, so I need to enjoy my last day of 'house to myself' for this week.

This weekend we turn the clocks back. I admit I really hate doing that. I wish we could leave it be, and then Spring Forward an hour in the Spring. I know that having it dark before 5 pm is a psycho thing, but that doesn't help my psycho-ee. This is when I think about the Land Down Under too. I have a quilty friend who lives on Tasmania, the large island just below Australia. She told this ~
one day in an e-mail, I printed it and keep it above my sewing machine. She was here, scroll down to see Wineglass Bay. I look at it often and think of her.....I need to contact her, haven't 'talked' to her in awhile. She gets an amazing amount of quilting, and knitting, done....impresses the bejibbers outta me!

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