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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 Questions

Debra was challenged to admit 20 things about herself and 'challenged' others....Don't know if I can think of 20 things...

1. Born and raised in Berkeley, CA

2. My Dad was a native Berkeley-ain.

3. My Mom is from Scotland, so I am actually Scottish or is it Scotish American, not just 'white'.

4. 1 brother, Scott Jr. Lots of Scot things happening here.

5. 3 children, 1 boy 2 girls.

6. Am now a grandma, never even knew son was pregnant.

7. I grew up in the 60's, get the picture.

8. Saw Joan Baez in Concert at the Greek Theatre on the Berkeley Campus {UCB}

9. Took a quilting college class from Roberta Horton in the 70's. Not her first, but close. {She got Quilting on the college roosters.}

10. I do embroidery too.

11. I love cats!

12. I am allergic to cats. But don't care.

13. My second place of residence was Sierra City CA. Small town.

14. My 3 kids were born on the same day as someone else in the immediate area of S.C. Out of 500 or so residents, that is pretty...rare? strange? Cosmic?

15. My 3 kids were all born on a different day of the week, but after a leap year, one year, they have all 3 continued to have birthday's on the same day.... every year....Definitely Cosmic!!

16. I like IKEA furniture.

17. Prefer reading to watching TV.

18. Not a sports fan.

19. Now live in WA state, 3rd residence. Don't move much.

20. Am still on my first Husband.

Well I did find 20 things. Imagine that. LOL

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