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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Don't Do Christmas

One day I blurted out to my daughter-in-law that we don't do Christmas. The look on her face was :Priceless. But I do admit it was a comment from left field. So to better explain this I decided to write it here....
We Don't Do Christmas.
The End.
No really folks, the reason we don't do Christmas is because we aren't Jewish, Witness's, Dhali Karma's or Moron's.
They don't do Christmas either? Huh.
The real reason we don't do Christmas is because it costs to much!!!
What better reason could we have?
It started a few years ago when we decided not to use credit cards the way we were using them. So that stopped the useless spending, I tell 'ya! and to be honest, most of the purchases were Crap. Junk. Nothing needed.
So when you take away all the non-essentials, you are left with socks and jammies. Even Neck Ties are a non-entity around here, sheesh. So why not just give socks and jammies and stop there? That's exactly what we did.
We actually had more cash saved but decided we wanted to go on a road trip the following Spring and saved the cash for that.
{and we did, we went to Las Vegas and had a blast!}
So since then we have kept the spending down and I have gotten out of the habit of shopping year round for it. I actually like having no Christmas, it makes for less stress....lets face, finding something for my husband that he might actually LIKE was a torture for me. I HATED shopping for him, it made me such a bitch........
Of course now having a Grandchild may make it hard to resist the toy stores, but we should be able to do that this year at least. Once she is old enough I may just take her to the store and let her pick something like we do with our girlies now. Her parents can get her the surprises.
So what to do with teens who want to celebrate?
Let them decorate!
hey that rhymes.
I admit to going so far as to think about putting the Tree, this year, up on the deck, on the outside of the window it would normally go in inside. This way we can put up the WHOLE tree, which is a fake, instead of just parts...the parts the cats leave intact that is...which usually ends up just the top. We might also be able to close off the area to the cats....
poor poor putty tats....
{One year we used the top only on the 'trunk', boy that fooled the cats for half a second, and another year we went topless, they liked that, easier to snooze there}
I also have to admit that I love Christmas decorate with all year round.
They brighten up many dark and dismal hallways.

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