Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Wallies and a Card

Dragonfly Dreams
I donated 3 wallies [wall hangings] to the PTA auction at one of the elementary schools 2, almost 3, of my granddaughters attend. I have no idea if they were sold or not. But I felt good giving them.
Cherry Red

I finally figured out a way to finish them, and even added the stick.
None of them are actually finished...until they leave home.
 I even signed them!
This is a little bitty thing I made up for a thank you to Sue for returning the 
Harry Potter Quilt. The 'felt' is actually cotton [?] batt. I add some to any dye pots I do up for my t-shirts. 
A close up of an added bit to Dragonfly Dreams. 
Can you see the dippy stars?

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