Thursday, December 28, 2017


The Mermaid blanket. Complete with child #4 in it! 
[the one for whom it was made]
⏬My son spent the holidays remodeling his kitchen.
His wife was heard to say, "I will be so glad when this is done."😁
What you don't see is the awkward corner by the fridge, though you can see where the fridge would go...right? ⇓        
The wonderful, amazing island, goes all the way to the wall to 
help create that silly corner.
 Not any more!!!!   I love this arrangement!! 
The only problem they ran into was a beam over the sink that was hiding under the ceiling. That had to stay, so the cupboards they had to go there wouldn't fit.
New ones were ordered, and the booboo's will get used in the laundry room remod...when that gets done. Or so I was told. Good job Ben!
click to enlarge to see the sink!
 While I am still in yarn mode, I whipped up a mandala. I have been admiring all these on Pinterest, and Ravelry, and decided to take the plunge.  Way easier than I thought!  I have started another one, different pattern, same yarn colors. Not sure what they will end up as...blanket? pillow covers?  
My minimal Christmas decor for this year. I found a couple of Fisher Price little people...though one of them is way bigger than the other....among the toys in the playroom.  I decided Tim and his friend looked rather snow-person-able. 
Click to enlarge to see 'Tim' written by Meg, #1

It snowed here Christmas Eve. Very rare occurrence.
⏬I made an ornament for our Steph and her new spouse, house, and dog.
She had an eventful 2017, so I created a diorama for them.
They even told me it was perfect because they wanted one to mark the year, but couldn't find anything [store bought] that would work.
😙I forgot to tell them that I didn't put a 'front' on it because there may be something else they want to add. [I was going to use some clear plastic from some random packaging, that we would normally toss in the recycle.]

↧↧↧ Oh look...more crochet  ↧↧↧
A kitty face, and tail, mandala? dream catcher? for #5. I made the pink outside part as a separate ribbon type thing, then stitched it around the hoop, letting the blue threads show. It's not complete, yet. Needs some facial bits to show up the 'cat look' as opposed to the current 'piggy look.'

Since I was on a roll....I created a turtle for #3.  
I am thinking of attaching it to a piece of driftwood.
🔻And my daughters creations. One for a family member who will be getting married soon. The crochet feathers I posted last time, are in among the fun hanging stuff. And a kitty one for #5, that she got for Christmas.

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