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Monday, June 12, 2017

New Threads, Butterflies and Patches 189 to194

New. Hand dyed embroidery threads from Colour Complements.
I was worried. They took an unusual 4+ weeks to get here. I didn't want Lorraine to have to replace my order,  which she would have, because hers is a small business.
Now I just have to remember what I wanted which thread for.  
Shoulda writted it down.
With the sweet williams blooming, YEAH, there have been swallowtails feasting on them. YEAH. Yesterday there were 2, two, different ones.  One larger and lighter yellow, the other a brighter yellow.  Not sure of the names other than swallowtail.  And beautiful!
click to enlarge
Patches 189 to 194
the 2 in one pic....I totally forgot to stitch it down. 
I had picked it out, pinned it down, and got interrupted.
That's my story and I'ma stitchin' to it.
Left side of pic, son Ben at 3. Right side, his newest daughter, 006.
Below our youngest, CollegeGradGirl Stephanie.
Now she is CGGSBrideToBe. 
Think I will just go back to calling her My Steph.

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