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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Bought Fabric

I feel I should stand up and make this declaration.
I bought fabric. A whole set of 40 FQ's. They were on sale, at least.
I have been "liking" this design since I saw it last year. 
I try not to buy much because I really don't need a huge ole stash.
I am thinking of using it for the next year-long-project. I will be lucky to get the Daily Patch to 9 months, let alone 12.*
This design speaks to me. My love for mountains.  Pine trees.
I know...this is 'alpine', not exactly 'pine'.  That's ok.
I also dig the paint-by-number aspect of it. My parents would have scoffed at that part. I can hear my dad saying, "paint, smaint.", then he would just dismiss it. They were both art college graduates.
Did I ever mention that I dig oxymoron's too?
Spoonerism's are a big dig too. 
I was talking to Dan [my man] this a.m. and said "Tonald Drump" without even thinking about it. Maybe dad and I were exposed to a bit more turpentine than was good for us.

*this is day 182 of the Daily Patch. Half a year already!! Yeehaw!

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