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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Picking Color

Surfing recently, I stopped over at Handstories and found she had taken a picture and blogged about this beautiful work of Mother Nature.  I fell into the color of this moth and tried the color picker in Paint.  Are the colors that Paint picked the ones i am seeing??  I am not sure.  But then again, who cares?  It's just a beautiful being.
i tried different 'background' colors and this made the pallet really pop!
I had done the same with this bit of 'bark' picture I found on Pinterest.  Is it really bark from a tree?  Does it really matter?  I love the colors.  
Next question.....Is there an "app" for picking colors?  That matches up to....say DMC/Anchor embroidery floss colors??  Guess I will have to go surfing again.
Since i am working on little bits, this was the next one out on the table.  My river-trees-path.
I added this bright green and am not sure I will leave all of it.

A Mountain of silk.

This part of the green...the gauze bit....I think I will try pulling some of that out, it covers too much of the dyed BG fabric.

the lime green net piece can probably stay since I plan to add more stitches.

then i realized the base of the mountain could have a lake....a pond?

Seeing it all like this....the proportions are off...maybe the 'mountain' is just a rock...

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