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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where's The Cat?

Oh there she is....
...the shelves cover the heater vent, so the cat did what she could to enjoy the heat.  I have since moved the shelves for the winter.

Today, daughter Ashley came over with out her darling we could get some crafting done.  
I stitched up another yarn wig [pix at halloween] and then Ashley asked me to stitch up Squidgy....
from Justin In Time, a kid show that Avery LOVES.  Ashley drew Squid on paper and I just stitched through the paper, to scraps I had,  then stuffed it.
[without eyes]
Of course I had to take 2 pix in case one was blurry, but I didn't notice until I downloaded them that my husband had rolled his eyes in the 2nd shot....

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