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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Moths, Catepillars and Yarn Wigs

More of the moth.  This is where I had put him/her when I removed it from my husbands shirt.
I am still working on the Animal Contest idea...

and here....sheers.  
I ordered swatches to see what I liked best, but I think I will use the swatches themselves!
The other day my middle daughter, Ashley, arrived with her 3 littles.  [gee...that makes it sound like they live far away and not just 20 minutes from me]
Rhiley [5]  wanted to make something so I gave her a small stack of small squares and she created this! [she wanted a needle, but i can't concentrate when there are 2 other littles running around too.]
Enlarge the pix so you can see the caterpillar better.  She had put the tape on the table, sticky side up! so she could stick tog the pieces she cut.  Ashley stopped, looked at it, and said "I didn't know she could figure out how to put the tape upside down..."
Ashley really came over to have me help with this...a wig!  She found the instructions on Pinterest, you can find them here.

I know it's kind of hard to see, but you take a pair of old tights, we used baby tights that have been kicking around for 30 years!  You sew the yarn to the crotch area...go to the link, easier to see than for me to tell.
Then I needed to dye the tights part brown, since they were white.
I couldn't rinse the dye out very much either because the tights are nylon and the dye will just wash out.  I used Rit because I had it.

I will get a better picture when I have a kid here to try it on.
I was actually pleased about this project.  it worked a lot better than I thought it would!
And, yes the yarn will be 'styled' a little better later.

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