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Friday, April 18, 2014

"Camp" Quilt

This is the 1/3 Quilts I have decided to make.  It's almost done!  The label is even made, just a bit more hand quilting on the long brown areas.  It's about twin size and is for a boy. A neighbor.
Can't have a quilt pick without a dog...right?
If you enlarge the pick, the words on the 'sign posts' will be more visible. The boy's interests are horses, cats, horses, dogs, camping, horses, and family is important to him also. So the signs relate to those is Meow Meadows.  I enjoyed making this quilt, even though I discovered my serious lack of math skills left me short on fabric...often, but not just for this one.  For the other 2 also.  Sigh.  I used a polyester/cotton mix batt, 20/80, from Joanns.  Handled well, looks sorta like felt, didn't shed and bother my allergies like 100% poly used to.  Hope it washes well.
this long stone looked greener verdigris. 
My sewing room green house is doing great!

oh look...a man....good thing he's my man
Did I show you the squirrel with the black gauze stitched in/on?
the pix below the squirrel

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  1. You have been busy! I love the quilt, and what a clever idea for a boy. Xxx