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Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Hasn't Interfered This Year

Working on the Purdy Quilt {many raffle tickets were purchased when it was displayed at the schools Science Fair last week!} has enabled my right brain to keep going, I am very happy to say.
I have started a new Pathway.  This one involving a Toile print and a large parrot, both a heavier fabric than I normally like to work with, but..I am stitching them to a tablecloth that had been my grandmothers, card table size, probably a damask, wonderful stitching hand.
click to enlarge
Weaving the 2 prints together, a la Jude.
This skeleton print came in a big box of fabrics from another quilty person.  She had answered my call for novelty prints for the Purdy Quilt, and yes, a piece of this print went into the quilt.  But I kept some for me too....and the batik above it.  She sent that one too, like 2 squares, like fantastic, like....I don't recall if one of them is in the P.Q. But I will use it to continue the bones of the neck on this prehistoric being. 
And because I am who I am...I added a bit of Fossil Fern print to this bone path. {if you go to the link, it says that this print is "still hot after 17 years", which just dated that scrap! and me because I still love it too}
The overall pic.  Of course it has changed already. And....I was looking for a jump ring to repair a bracelet for Lily, and some skeleton earring parts jumped out at me, so....this will got some 3-D bits and bobs added to it too.
The Embroidered Pillow Cover is not to be left out either.  I loved seed stitching the other sheer part so much, that when I found this sheer bit of dragonfly 'print' in the fabric box that included the parrot and toile....well....{this box was completely different from the box of goodies for the P.Q.~ this box was from a neighbor who goes to auctions...}

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