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Monday, February 10, 2014

Embroider While Snowing

Phrased that way, it suggests that I was out making it snow while still able to stitch...
Extreme Multitasking.
The yellowy ribbon I chain-stitch-couched down is a 

                                  Hand Dyed Viscose Tubular Ribbon

that Lorraine sent me as a sample, along with other threads.  
She was giving me some of the thread I was using up doing the seed stitching. 
                          Keep scrolling past the snow I made to see the seed stitch in a better pic.                              
zombie eyes on the snowperson
white dog in white snow

Now back to the stitchy stuff.  I had fun doing the seed stitch in this area of the pillow cover.  I was stitching down the voile? batiste? Not sure what the fabric bit is actually called, but it has it's own embroidery on it. {got it in a 'grab bag' off ebay loooong ago}  Then I thought I would stitch along the lines of the Valori Wells print that showed through....oh, skip to the next pic for a full view.

couched ribbon over the couched #3 perle cotton

Then I started on some leafy shapes.  I was trying to do an open Raised Fishbone stitch....I kind went wrong somewhere...but I still like it, so it stays for now.

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  1. Really like the way you've used the tubular ribbon AND the seed stitching looks fantastic.