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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A Whole Years Worth...

She is currently marking a years time in thread and fabric. 
Her entry for today, the 8th, shows the work....and her saying "that's 365 skeins of thread" really hit me.
I have been watching her work for years now.  I know she has been doing this. 
But 365 skeins.....Well...

DMC makes 454 solid colors.
This picture off ebay shows 110 skeins.
Not enough.
This one is also off ebay, Anchor floss, 260 skeins.
Still not a years worth.
I guess I would have to go to the store, and start at one end of the floss bin...I know I couldn't hold them all in my hand, I would need a basket.  And if I lost count?  I think I would need to plan it out a bit before hand, otherwise I would end up making a lot of noise in the store....
But imagine 365 colors in your basket!!!  
Heaven.  Absolute. 


  1. Thanks for writing about this project of mine in your blog.

    I like your take on it - And going through all the skeins of DMC floss in order would be enough of a project ...maybe not a year but something.

    Let's think about that.

    Lovely to hear from you.

  2. Isn't Judy's work amazing? Love you tried to show 365 skeins of thread. I hadn't thought how many that would actually be...