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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mothers Day

This picture of me was taken by Lily, last night.  Best one in a lonnnnnnng time.

But, back to Mothers Day.  My husband has been delivering flowers for 3 days, so spending time with me was not an option.  He made sure he had not forgotten me in all the floral busy-ness! 
It wasn't until I loaded the pix that I noticed the cat in them....and had to include the next pic.  Those are her whiskers all blurry looking in the right corner.
Yesterday I made a quick pillow from the Valori Wells fabric I got long ago with the intent to embroider in the lines....I figure I still can even though it's on a pillow.
I found a slit in the BG fabric I pulled outta my stash. No worries, just slap on a patch.
Names.  The names have been stitched onto the baby blanket, 
 I haven't washed out the pen I used for 'writing' on the fabric.  I use Crayola washable felt pens markers for drawing/writing on fabric when I need lines. Ashley is mama to Avery....
Hard to see Ben's letters, I may have to go over them again.
If you click-to-enlarge, you can see that I moved the letters on the D. The baby due this month will have a D name too, but I won't add it until I meet the young lady. Danny is daddy to the new lady.
G'PA and GUP got TALL letters. {I am the gup in this relationship}
mamma, her 2nd and her 1st

My DIL's name went through many changes. 
{well, she and ben are divorced, but I still consider her family}

Meg's got moved too and she picked a variegated thread. Writing backwards was a challenge for me...even though I wrote the names forward, just spelled bassawkwards.
I started with Stephanie, my youngest, since I know better than to start at the top of something new.
Rhiley Raccoon stepped into the room....sorry...a Beatles moment.

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