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Friday, May 10, 2013

Misc. #32

I made this block, all hand app., for a swap once upon a time.  I know I found the picture online...I give credit  to the artist, whomever you are!
cat in the grass
there he is.  i call him the panther.
Megan has become a serious list maker.  This is a list of names from A to Z.
Girlie nail polish is better for painting!
go kart
The go kart is Ben's new project.  What you don't see are the lack of brakes, the missing throttle cable, the non existent SEAT....he didn't even hack a lawn chair!!
Clay. Some air dry crud that didn't work, but when I was tossing it, there was this interesting shape left on the tray...looks like the Loch Ness Meggie made. {no pix of that project, we didn't do will on that 'book report'!
Hello Kitty nail polish is not very good for fingers, but works great on paper!

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