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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Blankets

10 am Sunday.  No birthday gift for either of the 2 girls whose party we would be going to later in the day.
Not really a big deal because I get them things at random times over the year. Then I noticed these fabrics were jumping up and down trying to get my attention.  So I cut them up! And with 2 clicks of the sparkly shoes on Lily's feet, we had 2 doll blankets to take with us for the birthday girls. {who have about 90 dolls according to Lily}
Rhiley will be 4 this year and Avery is 2 TODAY!!!!  R.'s bday is in July, but mama decided to combine the party BEFORE the 3rd little girl arrives.
This is MY youngest, the CollegeGrad, sitting close to her BF, Bobby.

And this is my oldest with his ex, no snuggling here, but friends enough to sit on the same chair. I am very glad about that.
It was a good party, and the Avery received doll #91.

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