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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dress Up, Hair Cutting, Stereos

The girls were in the room Steph uses when she is home from College...and played dress up with the clothes Steph had left in her closet....
My other daughter, Ashley, found her daughter under the table with scissors in hand and curls on the floor.....
I am sure many tears fell down these sweet cheeks afterwards too. 

Recently Ben, on right, decided to add a bigger stereo system to the truck...He did go to Stereo-Installation-School once upon a time, so what the heck!
Oh...and the neighbors cat was keeping an eye on the proceedings...
Anyway....this box for the speakers is HUGE...Ben couldn't lift it into the truck by himself.
For scale...see the drill on the table....that is not a mini drill, it just looks like it in this picture.

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