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Friday, February 15, 2013

Flowers, Children and Stitchy Bits

Yesterday my husband spent 10 hours delivering flowers for a small shop in Gig Harbor. He even brought me a rose.  I am lucky to have gotten that!!  He said it was 200+ $ for a dozen of them!!!

I spent the day with 3 small girls and my son.  
\The girls played dog pile and wore fuzzy boots.
This is almost 2 Avery.  
She took off her diaper in the playroom and came to get my help to use the toilet.  Lucky for me it was a 'clean' diaper!  {the other girl in yellow is 4.5 yo Lily and Rhiley didn't get in a picture this time.}

Later after bedtime for the others, I did a little stitching.  I haven't been spending nearly a much time as I would like with my needle and threads.  Sometimes I just sit here stunned, after bedtime, with the TV on to distract me.  Sometimes just having the cat on my shoulder is all I can manage to deal with.

I am currently adding the green fabric pieces around the edges.  It's a piece dyed by Deb L.
It had these lovely areas of autumn orangey bits, that I added here and there after 'stripping' the whole piece of fabric.  I got this piece in one of Deb's 'Burritos' which is a great way to get a variety of fabs.

On the children front, Megan came home yesterday and told us she didn't have to go back until the 25th, after today that is.  Her dad and I both stopped breathing for a second, then quickly looked up the schedule....yup, Mid-Winter break is this next week.  I forgot this school district  does this. 

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