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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Second First Day of School

Now that we have the girls full time, Megan got to have another first day of school! 
2nd grade, here she comes!

I had some fun with this picture.....
From left, Meg, Kacie [mom of M and L], Lily, Rhiley [Ashley's oldest] and Stephanie {my youngest}
Fiber related work.  I am trying to do bits here and there to get the basting stitches out.  
Those big stitches bug me! 
I am also remembering to stitch in different directions to get the 'hills' between the stitchings to go in different directions...but they sure don't look different in this shot.  Darn.


  1. i thought of you SO many times when the little boy was here....

    this Pathways is really FINE. need to go back more and find where i left off...

  2. stitching always looks good to me.