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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Mess

So.  Carina of Carina's Craftblog posted a picture of her mess.
Here is one of mine.  This is the view from My Chair. Despite yesterday's debacles, this space is actually tidier than usual.  
Those are jackets of Meg's tossed on the lovely pile of driftwood, I found them in the knocked over jacket basket yesterday....the ladder in the corner is waiting to me to figure out how to use it to it's fullest potential, I even vac'd the rungs yesterday!...the dog...well she will always be a mess, she's that kind of breed.
I had to use the flash in the 'closeup' shot.  It's a window-less space that is really gloomy. When we were preparing to re-roof, Dan asked if I wanted a skylight there.  You betcha I wanted one, but I also know that cutting a hole in ones ceiling is not always a Good Idea.

I have been stitching also.  Hard to tell still, but the stitches are there.  The fabric bits are melding together.

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