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Friday, June 29, 2012

Projects~ Inside and Out

Rhiley.  2.  Grandchild.  Project #6.
3-D glasses haven't changed much, but check out the seats! 
They could be seated in a airplane...They are projects #1 and #3.
The new view of my front door....whats new?
THE COLOR!  OF COURSE!  I finally have a purple door.  
"Plum Jam" to be more precise.  The wood and lamps are new too, as is the paint on the door jamb too, just not the wall....yet....we will have to get creative to do the touch ups on the green....since the bucket got left out in the rain....
{ignore the crap on the right, we are still working on stuff}
Like this....a new 'path' to the front gate.

And half of the creative team of D and D...
...daughter and dad....
Another one of Dan's solutions to a 'damn gutter' problem...a pipe taking it, the RAINWATER, down under the deck and out past the deck where a nice mossy spot has been created because the pipe has been there for over a year it just never got 'perfected'....until now.

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